Durex Love Rainbow

Durex love rainbow condoms for men to have more pleasure.

Brand: Durex
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About Durex Love Rainbow

Durex Love Rainbow condoms are specially manufactured condoms with best quality material. Durex is the industry leader in condoms manufacturing.

with 80 years of experience the company is an industry leader.  Durex Love Rainbow condoms are preferred by several men across the country for better performance and enhanced protection against diseases and as an effective contraceptive aid.

Qualities of Durex Love Rainbow Condoms

  • 3 condoms for longer lasting pleasure & protection
  • 100% electronically tested
  • Smells better
  • Easy-on shape
  • Please read the leaflet inside the pack carefully
  • Note: Protect from heat, direct sun rays, and mechanical damage.

    Store in cool and dry place.

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